Friday, July 31, 2009


My sister Amanda, just returned back to the states from being in Swaziland, Africa for 2 months.
With her, she brought purses and coin purses made by the go-go's (grandmothers) there. She is selling them and then sending the money back to them, which is so cool! Who doesn't need a new purse? And what's better than buying a purse and then giving the money to people who really need it! I'm already having her save one for me! The material is so cool!
Go HERE to check it out and leave her a comment if interested! You'll have to add 'Amanda Larsen' as a friend to look at them-just leave her a personal message about the purses when you're adding her :)

Favorite Friday: Pampered Chef Food Chopper

So, i haven't done a Favorite Friday for awhile.
To be completely honest, i just totally forget AND I must not have very many favorite things that I just CAN'T live without. I suppose that's a good thing :)
Now that gardening and canning season is upon me, i have found that i LOVE my Pampered Chef Food Chopper. Chopping veggies is not my favorite thing, so this item defiantly gets the job done quicker and safer (i tend to aim for my finger a lot with a knife!).
For $29.50, although i have to say I was a little hesitant spending that much on one item, I think it was defiantly worth it! Now chopping those onions, garlic, herbs, peppers, etc. is a breeze! This product will defiantly get more use this fall as our garden flourishes with produce!
If you do a lot of chopping, give THIS (you can check eBay or Amazon for a better deal) a try....

Thursday, July 30, 2009


I'm making this for Dinner tonight...Yum!!!!

Grilled Chicken Pasta in a tomato cream sauce.
For the recipe, go HERE

Monday, July 27, 2009

Slip and Slide Olympia.

A few weeks ago when our family was here, my brother, Justin, AKA Uncle Joe, made this video of him and Ava doing the Slip and Slide. It makes me laugh (especially the first part)! Enjoy :)