Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hutch Zoo.

A few weeks ago I needed to meet a wedding client in Hutchinson, so we decided to make it a family day! First the Hutch Zoo (aka...petting zoo), Olive Garden (for my bday meal!), then to Target (of course). Such fun! We even attempted some family pictures. I'll pretend that we got it on the first try ;)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day.

 Mother's Day was perfect. My hubby let me sleep in. We attended my nieces' dedication. I reclined in quiet, iced coffee in hand in silence during nap.  My kiddos repeatedly kept saying they loved me and asked what they could do for me!  We had a simple picnic at the park and lots of play time. Then icecream at Skoops to end the day. I felt SO loved all day. My quiet time with God seemed extra sweet that day as i remembered how blessed I was and prayed for those hurting.  I love my children...even on the hard days i step back and think 'wow! What God has blessed me with!'

This little girl can be hard...exhausting (mentally. lol) BUT her zest for life is amazing! Her free spirit and energy (a ton of it!) will take her far someday. I love how she never sits still and talks non-stop BUT when we open her Storybook Bible, she quiets right down and always sits with anticipation i her eyes. Her favorite story? Jesus dying on the cross. LOVE that.

This little man was a surprise blessing, but when we found out the 'it' was a 'boy' our hearts were changed and we melted the first time we laid eyes on him! What a joy he has been! So laid back, happy and content. Those big blue eyes get me EVERY time. So blessed to be a mama to a boy!

These two have a special relationship. I think Marin's love for super heros, dinosaurs and pirates will come in handy in the near future! ;)

 Someone learned patty-cake and how to eat sand this past weekend :)

AND let's not forget the oldest. Ava is definitely a first born. So studious...lots of questions about life and so tender heart-ed. The transition of having a school-aged child has been different, BUT so rewarding. Love her outlook on life...her heart for those who are hurting...and her continuous 'i love you's' to me. So excited to see where God leads her someday...

I am so THANKFUL to be a mama. I pray God gives me the wisdom and strength (and energy) to lead these little feet towards a life that is fully God-breathed. I love that they are HIS and He is taking care of them...even as scary as it is to fully step back and let Him lead...i know his tender care and mercies are new EVERY morning and with His help I can do it! :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Super Pirate Marin.

There once was a girl that dreamed of being a super hero, but yet wanted to be a pirate. 
Inspired to be different and not like the rest, the energetic 3 year old became the one and only


She was a brave pirate...never leaving her pirate telescope behind....

She was always looking for danger OR something to rescue OR someone to talk pirate.
One day she noticed something in the distance...something intriguing...something dangerous...

It was a tall stick with green objects...what could it be?

NEVER FEAR! Super Pirate Marin is here. What could this be? I will use my super pirate telescope and see what danger i have found!

It was a big green monster who was the SCARIEST of monsters. Super Marin wasn't feeling so super or so brave anymore. TO THE CASTLE she shouted...

She ran as fast as her super cape would fly her...up the castle steps to safety! The big green monster would never reach her up here!

AND there she stayed...guarding her castle...being brave...and super...with a pirate face.

AND so concludes the first chapter of the 
(*many sequels to come, i'm sure)