Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Grand Cayman.

Our second stop was Georgetown, Grand Cayman. Here, we mostly just walked around. Apparently you can tour the whole island in an hour. Such a small island but BEAUTIFUL water. I have never seen water so blue! I'm guessing this is where we should have snorkeled (next time!). Right away I could tell this was a more ritzy, tourist-y island. Not a ton to do (if you didn't do an excursion) but look at shops and eat.

Gelato (very expensive ice cream! lol)

Our Ship from a distance. Look at that beautiful water!

Another one for Marin...

In the middle of it all...Burger King of course!

After boarding, it was time for a nap and then to eat...again...

Each evening before dinner there was always music playing in the main lobby area

This is the view looking up. I did NOT prefer the view looking down. 12 floors is WAY to high.

we kept forgetting to take pictures of our food...when we finally did we had already mangled into it. Just believe me, it was pretty :)

We came back to our room to find a cobra!

Next stop...Cozumel...

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Debby Graber said...

So did you meet up with another couple and take pictures of each other?