Thursday, October 1, 2009

God's plans are not my own...

...which is what i am learning today.
After having some severe itchiness this past week, i mentioned it to my Dr. at my appointment this morning. She said she would do a blood test to check on things, and it turns out what she thought it wouldn't be-it was. My liver is producing too much bile, which can be very dangerous to the baby, so as of right now, i do not have a choice-Marin will be born by or before Oct. 22nd.
I do have another choice though. I can choose to give God complete control and not worry. That is SO MUCH easier to say when it is someone else's problem or even when its my own personal problem, but when its your child's problem-it becomes all more hard.
So, please pray that Marin will continue to stay healthy until delivery. I will have several sonograms, bloodtests and appointments where they monitor the baby to make sure she is healthy. If anything changes in my bile levels, i could be meeting our baby girl even sooner.
So, that means this weekend we are moving Ava downstairs to a new room and readying the baby room (which we should have done already i'm sure) because Ava's going to be a big sister a little sooner than expected :) thanks for your prayers!


Emilee said...

i'm praying for you!!

Julie said...

I will pray for you right now! I will pray that your little one stays healthy until delivery and that you continually give your worries and fears to the Lord. Thanks for sharing your request.