Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More Branson...

Thursday we went to the Fish Hatchery. It wasn't too exciting, but it was free and the kids thought it was fun feeding the mass amounts of fish. I'm talking like gazillions of fish. Some cages had just the 'eggs', some had the teeny tiny fish and others had full grown fish, waiting to be let out into the lake. The actual process of breeding fish was gross. So glad my girls didn't understand the video they showed ;)
After watching a video we walked around inside of the building and Cai had an intent to touch this snake. He was a little upset he couldn't actually touch it. Gross. (on a side note, we saw a real snake at library time a few weeks ago. The lady let each kids 'touch' it. Cai grabbed it and wouldn't let go. Gross!!)
Marin liked the turtles better...

Outside in the hatchery there was a machine you could buy fish food. The kids loved it.

Click on the picture and look closely at the water-those are ALL fish.

The hatchery was right by the dam-looks like a waterfall from this picture.

We walked down to the lake where men were fishing and found some cool small waterfalls.

Then we found a hiking trail, but stopped short when we saw a skunk  hurry back into the trees. Needless to say we turned around ;)

A favorite picture-this one is now framed :)

These two took such good care of us while in Branson-or should i say gave us a break and entertained our kids! love them!

That evening we played frisbee golf (the course is around our cabins). Ava dominated.

This little boy received LOTS of piggy backs from grandma :)

That wraps up another day!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Branson Day #2

Next Stop? Silver Dollar City! We had a great day for it...only in the 80's in July, so we were blessed! Of course after rides and SO much walking we were all pooped (and grumpy), but that's what having SO much fun does to you, right? :)

This is Cai's 'i don't want a picture taken...ever...' look

Such a diva...

Grandma even got on the rides!

Snack time is a MUST to keep them happy....

AND then Cai found a train...he was SO excited!

No need to tell this girl how to pose :)

Cai absolutely LOVED the Ferris Wheel. So much so that after going on it the 4th time and being told NO more...he threw a great big fit.

Cai wants to show you his new hat...he wears one JUST like papa :)

Silly faces are always a must...

I love this family picture!

 We had a mini celebration for Malacai since his birthday was that week. Grandma and Grandpa didn't get to be a part of the official party, so we had to party again! Marin helped him blow out the candle...AND then Cai touched the hot wick. AND he was done for the night until...

We pulled out the trains i found at a local flea market. I absolutely love this picture. Three generations playing. Priceless!