Monday, March 31, 2014

New Orleans.

A few weeks ago we headed on our way on our first cruise (together) to celebrate our 10th anniversary. I am not a big traveler (involving airplanes), so to say i was nervous was an understatement. After leaving our kids in Nebraska with our parents we had a full day of traveling...(when you buy the cheaper tickets, you get two layovers)we finally reached New Orleans. We stayed at a quaint bed and breakfast for two nights and walked the French Quarter in between (luckily it was only 3/4 a mile from our B&B). The architecture was beautiful. The music was lovely. The art was amazing. The drinking, smells,language and crazy people is what kept me leery. I don't know how many times Collin and I gave each other 'the look.' This was a city neither of us had ever been to and thought it would be fun to experience. Yes-i would say 'experience' is a nice word...i don't think we'll go back. Haha.
 One highlight was eating beignets (fried dough with lots of powdered sugar). A fried told us we HAD to try one-so we obliged and loved them! So after a full day of walking and eating, we made sure we were back to our B&B by dark (others said that was wise). It's amazing how growing up in the Midwest creates a kind of 'bubble'-and then its popped when you experience something new-outside of my comfort zone ;) Enjoy the pictures! Up Next...the cruise!

The next two pictures are 'people' statues (real people). We saw them everywhere.

Interesting, huh? Not sure how he balanced!

Collin's favorite stop....

These musicians were AMAZING. The man you can't see was playing some sort of an african instrument. IT was beautiful!

AND, yes, i'll end with a man and woman pushing their 'baby' (aka dog) in a stroller. haha.
See...i told you New Orleans was 'interesting' :)