Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Shoe Fetish.

This little guys has a major shoe fetish. Shoes everywhere. All. of. the. time. It's a little annoying always tripping over my own heals in the living room, but it is SUPER cute! Lately we pulled out his irrigation boots my mom got him. He is so infatuated with them! Love him.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


This year we stayed home for Easter. It was just us. A Family of 5...and it was nice. We were able to really show the kids what Easter is about!
But of course if you asked my girls what their favorite part of Easter this year, they would say...

Decorating eggs...

Dressing up....

An Easter egg hunt (don't you love this pic?)

BUT i think they would say they scored the movie Frozen...

AND cash in their eggs (we didn't do candy)

But of course we know the real reason for Easter was celebrating Christ's death and ressurection.
Here is our Garden complete!
Hope you all had a blessed Easter!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Prep.

Easter is one of my favorite things about spring. Love celebrating Christ's resurrection. This year we made the resurrection garden for the first time. So easy and such meaning. It didn't take for the grass to grow (pic coming)-the girls loved watering it everyday. It's the little things :)

And then there was easter egg decorating...always messy, but the girls loved it!

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Cozumel was our last stop. Our favorite stop by far. I loved Mexico...the culture...the people...the beach. Definitely thinking a resort here would be fun!
We made a last minute decision and hitched a cab to a local beach. It was more like a National Park/Beach, but it was fun! 

We met lots of fun friends...

Yes-Collin told me to act like i was holding up the ceiling. lol. Not sure I pulled it off.

We took in a Sea Lion Show.

Collin headed out to snorkel. I didn't (i'm a whimp and do not really like deep water)
I was perfectly happy sitting here in the shade (it was hot!)

...drinking my strawberry daquari...

AFter the beach, we hit a local mexican restaurant. The BEST chips and salsa ever because it was homemade. The first thing he told us 'watch the green stuff-we can handle it, but not sure you can!' haha. Needless to say I didn't try it.

And then a mexican band sang me a song. And then awkwardly waited for a tip...which we couldn't give because we didn't have the right change. Let's just say awkward.

So, you know how I said our ship was the smallest of the Royal Caribbean? Now you see. The Oasis on the left holds almost 6,000 people! Made our boat look so tiny.

And so we headed to our last day of cruising. Last day was at sea...and we ended up having the table to ourselves that evening...which was kind of perfect. One more show. One more awesome meal...

Our wonderful Waiter and Waitress. The waiter talked, looked and laughed just like Eddy Murphy. Cracked us up each time he laughed.

We came back to my favorite towel folding...a monkey!

And then a swan :)
We loved our time away but were so ready to get back to normalcy...and normal routines happened super quick. We looked at each other the day we got home and thought 'Let's go back!' lol. It's hard coming home to 3 kids and responsibilities when we had none for 10 days! Loved our time together-it was much needed!