Saturday, January 26, 2013


A few weeks ago we had a pajama photo shoot. Who's idea was it? Theirs. I LOVE it when they love to take pictures! IT makes this photographer mama VERY happy when all eyes and smiles are on the camera :)


Malacai LOVES books and who better to read to him then his big sister Ava?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Happy 6 Months Malacai! You are....eating..squealing, giggling, growing (in length!), smiling (alot), making those 'boy noises' (and boy do they stink!)and are such a cuddle bug! I remember thinking when he was a week old i had all the time in the world until he reached 6 months...boy does it go
FAST! Tomorrow he has his 6 month check up and shots (boo) so it will be fun to see how much he has grown! At 4 months he was at 75% for height (doesn't get that from me!) and 12 1/2 pounds. I'm guessing he's grown a ton since then! Enjoy the cuteness below and stay tuned for a cute 6 month mini shoot :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Last weekend my sister, Malacai and I traveled to Chicago for my cousin's wedding. I was the photographer, so my sisters and I decided to take an extra day and explore downtown Chicago. We hit the aquarium first-Cai LOVED the fish.. He was such a trooper and slept through most of our shopping (boring, right?).  We hit the 7 story Macy's which was amazing and several other stores. My sister introduced me to Anthropology-such a fun store (but a bit pricey).We ended the day with some Chicago deep dish pizza...yum! We flew home the next day (well, Amanda and I-we had to say goodbye to Kendra who headed back to Nashville) and again, who knew there was even a baby on the plane? I hope Cai is always this easy on vacations!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Day.

Finally a Christmas post... This year Christmas was in Kansas, so our home was busy busy! We rented the Fireside room at GCC for more room which i was so thankful for. It was so nice to spread out and relax in front of the fire while eating and opening gifts...

We started with singing...(Marin blessed us with her dancing. lol)
I think the girls were spoiled this year...

Cai hung out and enjoyed watching. I can't wait until he is in on the action next year!

My sister 'officially' started dating an awesome guy in December. We loved having him there! My girls already have a special place in their heart for him! :)

Marin's super cape #2...
My sister gave my girls Tom's!!!
Cai received his first tractor from Uncle Mark and Aunt Lisa...
Uncle Joe even came this year! He hadn't been this way since before Marin was born...the girls love him!

He gave Marin her new favorite movie Madagascar 3. If you ever hear Marin talk about 'Polka dot Polka dot Afro' you know which movie she is referring too...
A new Wii game and Marin's favorite character Minnie Mouse from Uncle Kevin and Aunt Traci.  Traci delivered our new Niece Chloe two days after Christmas! Can't wait to add her into the pictures next Christmas!
My sister Kendra was home from Nashville. We have been blessed to see her 4 times this year! We are so sad she lives so far away...

Ava received grandma's old camera...

Another family picture complete!
Sometimes i wonder if I'll ever get all eyes on the camera again...
And let's not forget Marin's new Doctor coat/set...she is a great little surgeon :)