Thursday, November 21, 2013

Family Bloopers.

Notice a common theme throughout these pictures? OR should i say a 'common characteristic?' My middle child is something else. She does great for individual pictures, but family? HA! And then there was the squirmy one year old who hated being held down. And then the almost 8 year old who got bored fast.
Once we hit 3 kids I gave up the notion of setting up a tripod and taking pictures myself (i learned after trying that only ONCE!). I've also learned over the past year or two that it's ok to have family blooper pictures. I used to think 'delete!' BUT now i think 'frame!' When i look back these, i want to remember not just the 'perfect picture' because let's face it...those days are gone for a few(well, several) years yet...I want to look back and .....LAUGH. Which is what i did when i went through my pictures (my dear friend Paula Unruh took them-she's great!)....I just laughed. Don't worry-we got a few really good ones, but i'm saving most of those for Christmas :)
Enjoy :)